Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trying to land safely

I was flying in a big commercial airline down to San Diego.  But, I wasn't in the passenger section, I was in the cockpit.  My Dad was flying the plane.  We were about to land, when for some reason we couldn't, so we had to pull back up in a hurry.  There wasn't any sort of crash or explosion, but all of a sudden I was falling through the air.  I wasn't falling very fast though, so I had time to think about everything.  My wife Rachel was there with me, and pointed out that if I could try to land on #27, a football player, it would break my fall and I'd be ok.  I missed #27, but landed fairly softly on some green grass.  I found Rachel and she wasn't hurt, but when I asked about my 3 month old son Milo, she said there was no way he could have survived something like that. 

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