Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A new office on Rural St.

I was working for the company that I worked for when I was in San Diego.  They called an in-person meeting, and it was to be held in a newly developing area of Orange County, about an hour north.  For some reason, this area hadn't been populated yet.  When I was driving up, I was excited for the news that I envisioned them announcing - that our office would be relocating from San Diego, to this new location.  I looked for Rural Street, and followed the directions to the office.  It was a really nice office, right on the Pacific, with the beach and blue water right behind it.  My anticipation grew, and I started thinking about if my family should move there, or if I should commute from San Diego every day.  Once the meeting started, the higher-ups said that effective immediately, we were all laid off and the company was disbanding.  I drove home puzzled as to why they made me drive up to this meeting at a nice new office, only to break the bad news to everyone.

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  1. Yikes. Maybe then you started to cry? Oh wait, it was probably just Milo's cries inserting themselves into your dream.