Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Staircase to nonsense

This one i remember from about 2 weeks ago...

I was driving with my Dad in Seattle.  It was cloudy and cold.  We were driving the old 1990 Blue Toyota Camry that I drove for a bit in and after college.  I was looking for a turn to get onto the freeway, but I missed it.  As we drove in search of the freeway onramp, the freeway was getting higher and higher above where we were.  We made the decision to ditch the car.  It was the only way to get up to the freeway.  There was a very long flight of stairs - green, metal, switch-back style, like the ones under the Ballard bridge - except many more of them, and with absolutely nothing around it  Just air and the stairs.  Once I was on the stairs, it was just me.  I don't know where my Dad went, but I kept climbing.  I passed a Mom that was dragging her stroller and baby up the stairs.  I don't think I offered any help.  Other than that, there weren't any people.  When I got to the top, it was still under the bridge, and there was a gap between the top step and the platform that I needed to get to.  My friend Muller was there at the top, encouraging me to hop over to the platform.  It was a scary leap being so high up in the air so I struggled to do it, basically falling on it and grabbing on with my arms and pulling myself up slowly.  It was about 2 feet square, right under the bottom of the bridge.  All of a sudden it started rocking back and forth, so i gripped the platform tightly while I sat there.  The reason it was rocking was that kids were bungee jumping from another part of the bridge.

After a bit, I climbed up to solid ground.  Except it wasn't a freeway bridge anymore, it was a driveway/garden.  I was supposed to get a ride home with Miley Cyrus in her white Mercedes.  However, she told me it was full so I was stuck.  Then, these other "kids" (maybe college age) were kicking around my iPhone.  They also pulled out all of the voicemail tape from the phone. (like old voicemail machines that had mini-tapes where you could pull out the tape material), so i was losing all of my voicemails.  Father Mike from USD was there playing soccer with some younger kids / maybe Orphans.

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