Monday, June 24, 2013

Toppling Tower and Tattooed Toddler

I was up in Malibu, Canada with some friends from High School.  It was a long trip up there on a bus.  The ferry had the bus drive up onto it, and then it dropped the whole bus off at camp even though there were no roads there.  Overall, the camp only vaguely resembled the one that I just went to back in May.  I got there and there were a few weird things about it.  First, one of the main activities was to watch a football game on TV.  Then later it turned out that the NFL was actually playing a regular season game there.  So there was a huge field there to accommodate the game, but no stadium for spectators.  The players would all fly in for it, and the only spectators would be the 100-200 or so people that were at the camp.  I was disappointed when I found out that the match-up would be the Broncos - Redskins, but I was still excited to see Payton Manning play live.  Also, it would be a nationally televised game, so I was going to be one of the few fans to make it on TV.

I looked over to the field and a bunch of people were climbing a tall metal tower, presumably to get a good spot to watch the game.  I thought about climbing it also, but it seemed pretty unstable.  There were a lot of kids on it, and some adults.  I remember thinking that I thought Miles was on it, but I couldn't see him.  Then it started to tip over and fell to the ground.  The people that were high up on it fell hard onto their backs and heads.  Me and some of the others ran over to help.  I thought that people had to have died, but the ones I came across were seriously hurt and groaning, but still alive.  Then I saw Miles running towards me.  He was about the same size he is now, but a little bit older I guess since he could run.  He was not wearing a shirt or pants, just a diaper.  He had colorful tattoo sleeves on both arms and tattoos covering his torso.   He gave me a big hug.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A burger for old times.

Rachel and I were in San Diego for an event, like someones wedding.  We were staying at a hotel in La Jolla, though it seemed much more tropical and vacation-ish than La Jolla.  Rachel had a massage appt at the hotel so I decided to take a trip down to Ocean Beach, where I used to live.  I drove down and parked on Del Mar Ave, where I had lived for the last couple of months before moving to Seattle.  I remember thinking how sometimes it was tough to find parking, and feeling grateful I'd found a spot.  Then as I got out, I hoped I was going to see Muller's car (the legendary JETNBIU) on a street somewhere.  It would have made me feel good to see my friends car, and know that he was around town somewhere or at the apartment.  I made a point to remember where I'd parked.  Of course, it was nice and warm out, even though it was dark.  There was an ocean breeze and I could hear the waves.  I didn't have much time, since Rachel's massage was only an hour, but I decided to go to Hodad's (classic sd burger joint) for a burger.  My friend Casey is a huge Hodad's fan, and I felt bad that I hadn't even let him know I was in town.  As I got to Hodad's I pulled out my phone to call him, but then I realized that he and his wife Erin were right in front of me in line.  I was excited to see them, but nervous about spending much time eating dinner there, knowing that since I had the car Rachel wouldn't be able to come down.  I ordered a single cheeseburger with bacon, no sauce, fries, and a chocolate shake.  The workers kept repeating the order, each time with more and more of an accent, until the word fries was barely recognizable.  I thought about how the old me would have gone double patties, double bacon, but that now that just seems like too much.  I was very satisfied with my decision to order a single burger.  I know there was a lot more in the dream but that's all I remember.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

VIP customer

I dreamed I was writing a mortgage for Billie Joe from Green Day and easily transitioned between talking about mortgage and their music.  I was really proud of how good a job I was doing explaining everything clearly while at the same time asking questions that i'd always wanted to know the answers to.

A tear down project and Alaskan Voyage.

I was hanging out on Lake Washington Boulevard in Kirkland.  There was a construction project at a huge house, so i went over to check it out.  It turns out that the house was actually in good shape, but there was a massive scrap metal heap sticking straight out of the water about 40 feet in the air.  It was blocking the owners view of the lake, so he was having this big crane tear it down and get it out of there.  I got up closer to watch, and somehow the best seat to watch was on a boat, so I walked onto the boat and didn't really notice as it drifted out a bit.  The heap of metal was weird in that the owners house was in good shape, and he had a nice yacht.  So it seemed out of place.  It was a fairly nice day out on the water.  The project wrapped up and the boat I was on started hauling the metal away.  I didn't really notice, but before long we were out of seattle and it was cool and cloudy.  I knocked on the window from the outside to talk to the Captain, who was commandeering the vessel.  He had some freshly cooked giant shrimp that he was working on eating just sitting there on the console by the boat steering wheel.  I explained to him that I hadn't intended on being on the boat, and asked him where were we going.  He said we were hauling this metal up to Alaska.  We didn't seem to be too far on our voyage but we were definitely out of Lake Washington.  I asked him to turn around and bring me back to Kirkland, and he did so right away.

Dance Off

I somehow found myself in a group dance contest.  There were about 15 people on each team.  Rachel was on my team.  We were supposed to perform a choreographed dance routine.  Our team hadn't practiced in two weeks.  As the music started, everyone else knew what they were doing, but I didn't.  I tried to look on to other people in the group to figure it out, but it was pretty obvious that I was off.  I couldn't figure out how everyone remembered what to do when we hadn't practiced in a long time.  I could tell Rachel was getting frustrated with my lack of preparedness.  I decided to make up for it by stepping up the effort, so I abandoned the choreography and just tried to dance like a crazy person in hopes that would win over the judges.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

31 year old running in a high school cross country meet? Seems normal...

First, I dreamed that Miles all of a sudden had two full sized teeth.  One was sharp.

Then I was back at the Priory, my old high school.  It was the league championships for cross country, and the meet was being held on campus.  For some reason, I was expected to run in the meet, even though I'm 31.  But I wasn't going to run the race since I haven't been running and I'm out of shape.  As it got closer and closer to race time, I started rationalizing more and more, thinking that as an out of shape 31 year old, I could probably "wing it" and do great just based on pure adrenaline.  I was nervous because deep down I knew this wasn't true, that I was out of shape.  But the race is only 3 miles, so I thought I won't even notice by the time I get tired.  I decided to jump in and race it.  My dad told me that it was starting in a minute.  As I was rushing around trying to find a jersey, race number, etc...  the gun went off.  I thought about hopping in late but then noticed it was only the girls race.  The guys race was going to start about 15 minutes later.  I got to relax for a second.  I found a jersey but it didn't match the one the rest of the team, including my brother Johnny, were wearing.  I took a number from some other kid on the team.  I was confident that even holding back, I could run with Johnny for most of the race and probably finish the meet in the top 5.  I don't remember any race details.

We were in line at the Priory cafeteria for food.  I was starving, but the cooks were handing out very paltry portions of food.  When I got to the front of the line, I got four little scraps of ground meat in a thin tomato sauce.   It barely took up a part of one of those plastic plates that are sectioned off for you to put different types of food in.  They wouldn't give me any more, and told me to go to the back of the line.  Fortunately, I was distracted from my hungry state because Green Day was playing a concert in the school cafeteria.  They were playing "Scattered" off of the Nimrod album.  After the song but still during the concert, I talked to Billie Joe about how I like that song, but one of their new ones sounds exactly like it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A brash and cocky physics student

I was back at the high school I went to, but at my current age.  For some reason, I had to re-take the Physics final from my Dad's class.  (He taught me for Freshman Physics, and still teaches the course at the school.)  I went in to the final without studying and was very confident.  When I got it, somehow I recognized all the questions as the exact same final that I took back in 1997.  I breezed through it, extremely confident of every answer.  I don't know why it was important, but it's like the whole point of doing this was to get a better grade than I had gotten on the test when I took it for the class.  I turned in the test and left.  A few days later I was bugging my Dad, asking if he had graded the final exams yet.  He hadn't, but said he would be soon.  I hadn't let him know how great I felt about the test.  I couldn't hold it in any longer so I just told him that I totally aced it, that I'm positive I got every question correct, I'd be shocked if I had even missed one.  I told him that my memory was just so good, that giving me the same exam twice was a mistake on his part.  He asked me if I was "sure" that I had beaten my old score.  I assured him that I had.  I didn't know what my old score was, but was thinking probably somewhere in the A-/B+ range.  He pulled out my old exam, and the score on that one was 110%.  I don't know how that score was even possible, because he's not one to give extra credit on tests, let alone final exams.  The test I just took had no extra credit opportunities, so I was surely going to fall short.  I didn't stick around to see what I got on the final that I just took.