Sunday, November 25, 2012

Creek Walking

I was on a creek walking expedition looking for a surf spot.  I was with some sort of boss or co-worker of mine, but it was unclear who it was.  Whoever it was, I'd never met him, and he drove a bare-bones Dodge Neon.  We stopped by another co-worker's office and he had a huge stack of red hot chili peppers concert tickets.  It turned out there was no surf spot because it was a creek, not an ocean, so there wasn't much water.  However, after hiking through the creek we did come across a Dam.  I had a pole that I was using to see how deep the water was.  We thought that the only way to keep going was to break the Dam.  But I secretly knew that we wouldn't have to do that if we used the other software system that our company was trying to make us use.

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