Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snakes on a Truck

This started out where I had to use GPS to find a rattlesnake.  My dad and I set out to do this.  We were driving in an old red pickup truck somewhere warm and dry - probably san diego or Arizona.  The GPS knew exactly where to take us, because the destination location was marked with a snakes head. Before we got there, there were some narrow alleys where i'd have to get out and move people's trash cans before we could keep going further. When we got there, I found one snake that was almost dead.  It was mostly all bones - no flesh or skin except for the head.  The head was plush like a stuffed animal toy, not threatening at all.  As I was standing in the back of the pickup truck checking this thing out, other real rattlesnakes started coming out from in-between the cracks in the truck bed.  There were a few at first, so I was trying to pick one up by the neck so I wouldn't get bitten.  Then they kept coming, so I started stomping frantically at them.

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