Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mountain Shuttle service

This is all from one night:

Part 1 - somewhere in the mountains with Rachel's mom and Grandparents waiting for a shuttle.  We had too much luggage and were behind schedule so we barely got the last shuttle.  The other ones kept leaving without us being able to get on.  One weird thing about the shuttles was that they had their customer service survey scores published on the side of the shuttle.  When we were concerned about not getting one it was getting cold and we didn't have a place to stay.  We contemplated having me walk to find a classroom or something (it was in the mountains, but seemed like a college campus at the same time).  Once we got a shuttle, I threw away polo shirt in the shuttle trash can since it was filled with baby poop.

Part 2 - I was at USD on vacation with Rachel, staying in some accomodations on campus.  The hotel was nice, but was surrounded by a patio where people were eating and socializing, so there wasn't really any privacy.  Once we saw some friends out there - specifically our friend Craig, we decided to go out and eat with everyone.  The view was really nice and it was warm.  While we were out there, we overheard a smooth talking mortgage broker trying to sell one of the servers of the party a mortgage.  Rachel and I butted in and said that I'd do a better job than he would.

Part 3 - Rachel and I were at an airport.  It resembled the Chicago airport, but I couldn't say for sure.  All of a sudden my friend Ed from high school ran by with a baby.  He couldn't keep the baby quiet.  It wasn't clear if it was his baby or not.  He stopped to talk to us for a second and invited us to dinner.

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  1. I think this one means we need to take a vacation and Ed should babysit our baby.