Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Out of control Elevator

I was in San Diego, it was warm.  I was at USD and back in my freshman dorm, but it was different.  It had been re-done and was nicer.  I pressed 4 in the elevator to try to go to the 4th floor.  The elevator started going up, but then it didn't stop and the door wouldn't open to get out.  We went past the 4th floor up to the 5th floor, and then immediately started going back down, only much faster, so that we were floating in the elevator.  When we got to the ground floor, all of us (me, my friend Muller, and a few people I didn't know) would crash to the ground.  Nobody got hurt, it was just annoying that the elevator wouldn't work properly.  It kept doing that - we'd go up really fast past the fourth floor, then all the way back down, floating as if weightless, to the bottom.

Later,  my friend Chris and I we were walking around in the woods on the fringe of campus.  We were going to climb a fence to help a scruffy and homeless college kid who lived in a drainage pipe.  When we tried, he warned us that he had killed many people, and we shouldn't come any closer.  While we were pretty scared of the guy, he all of a sudden put his backpack on and started walking with us to campus.  He remarked at the new buildings and how nice they were, and how he hadn't seen them in years since he had been living in that drainage pipe.  At night, I was walking around.  It was drizzling, but not cold at all.  I walked by the soccer field in the valley, which is just used for recreation and is not the main soccer field.  I walked by, and it had been set up for the Womens NCAA title game.  I didn't watch the game, but it was Penn State against UCLA, and Penn State won.  There could only have been a few hundred people able to see the game.

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