Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Tropical Vacation

Part 1:  Rachel and I were on vacation.  It was somewhere warm, and our place was right on the water.  The water came up to and underneath the room that we were staying in, so that we could have jumped from our balcony right into it.  We were only a few feet above the water, and  it was very very blue.  And very sunny.  We were in a resort or hotel, but there was nobody else around.  No neighboring rooms, hallways, checking in, etc...  Outside our room, dolphins swam by.  One of my colleagues, Brian, rowed a very small boat past our room.  I was in the room, but he was telling me how great the fishing was and how many fish he'd caught.  I let him know that I thought that was great, but I'm hanging out with my wife right now.  Later, Rachel and I were in one of those boats.  We were inside a very large rock cave that was well lit, so you could see how blue the water was and easily see everything around you.  The whole row over there we really hadn't seen anyone at all.  It was like this big beautiful area with almost zero people.   Brian rowed up to us again and held up a bag of fish, and went into detail on how successful his methods had been in catching him fish.  I looked at the bag, and saw they were small fish, like mackrel or something.  Part 2: Was at the cafeteria at USD talking about the Giants with my friend Nick. Part 3: I accidentally dialed the number for our pastor at 3:00 AM.

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