Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Day and Ping Pong

I was hanging out with the guys from Green Day.  They had been in a plane crash but had survived.  Billie Joe was describing what happened as we walked through the scene.  The plane had been flying at a very very low altitude and was either connected to or following the path of a chair-lift type system - essentially green metal towers with metal cables that were stuck into the ground.  There was wreckage and mangled metal all over the place.  As he described, not long after takeoff the wings fell off.   The plane was still flying without wings, so  a helicopter came in and had a claw like device that grabbed the fuselage and tried to fly with it in it's clutches.  Eventually, it was too heavy for the helicopter to carry, so it crashed in the green hills of northern CA.  Everyone was ok.

Part 2
I was at USD and it was nice and warm.  I was dressed casually in jeans, but wasn't wearing any shoes.  Since it was warm though, the ground felt great and it didn't bother me.  Some people were showing me around campus, which had changed since I went there.  When we went to the gym, I was instructed to stand in line for ping pong practice.  The coach was playing another student, and really exerting a lot of effort.  It was an intense match, and the coach was winning.  It turns out, the coach was one of my former customers from work.  As I waited in line to take my turn at ping pong, one of the other guys in line told me that this is actually Harvard, not USD.  And it's required that everyone play a sport, so the guys that play ping pong do it because it's the least amount of required practice and there's really no stress.  After ping pong I went to the library.  They were only allowing you to read one book at a time.  I remember standing under some banners that had pictures of old works by authors with the same last name as me. 


  1. Too many things to analyze in this one. I think I'll just leave it at "weird."

  2. Glad Billy Joe didn't go ape sh** and start swearing at the plane debris, shouting "I'm not Justin Bieber! I'm not Justin Bieber!!!"