Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bees and Whirlpools

I was at my parent's house in Portola Valley.  Miles was older than he is now, maybe 18 months.  He went outside and walked under the trampoline in the back yard.  My cousin's kids and their friends were jumping on the trampoline, so I told them to stop so that they wouldn't hit him.  All of them stopped right away except for my cousin's daughter, who was purposefully not stopping.   I had to sternly tell her again to stop so that Miles wouldn't get hit.  Then I felt bad for cracking down on her.

Next, I started getting stung by bees that lived in the walnut tree by my parent's back yard.  Every time I went outside, I'd end up getting stung.  The bee would get bigger and bigger every time.  I stopped going outside after awhile.   A lot of people gathered on the baseball field behind my parents house to witness a phenomenon.  At first I thought it was the bee thing, but it turns out, there were whirlpools that would appear and then disappear.  Each one was bigger than the next one.  The last one I remember was so big that most of the infield was covered with water.  I was out there, and looked back to where all of the water was draining to.  It was flowing to under the porch of my parents house, where there was a big pit.  We could see clearly into it because the porch was cut away and there were lights shining down into it.  The pit had a character that lived in it that I'd describe as a sinister / borderline evil King Triton.  It appeared that he was the lord of these massive whirlpools.

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