Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family BBQ and Race

There was a Moiseff - Trudelle dual family BBQ that had been planned for months and was taking place at the Priory.  Part of the days events included a race.  There were probably about 50 people involved, so more than just our two families.  The race was a total of 10 miles, but was not just a straight running race.  After the first half mile or so there was a competitive eating component to it.  I got to that part, and my task was to eat one box of chocolates and chug a beer before I could continue.  I felt fortunate that I only had to eat chocolates.  It was a lot easier than some other people's.  I kept trying to leave without finishing my beer and chocolates.  Some judges were there and would make me go back until I finished.  After another quarter mile, there was a long line of racers for the rope-swing component of the race.  I showed up to that part in about 20th place, and was irritated with myself for feeling so out of shape.  I also felt like this part of the race was pointless, since people were just standing in line, negating their previous efforts.

I started swinging on the rope swing, which started out pretty tame, just over a grassy hill.  Before long, I was swinging very high in the air, inside a huge auditorium, that was more like an airplane hanger.  I was up near the top of it, swinging in huge circles high above the floor as I held on with just my hands to the rope.  Nobody seemed to notice or care.  As the rope wrapped more and more around the pole in the middle, I got scared that i'd just slam into the pole at the end.  I was going faster and faster.  Somehow I landed on the floor and was unhurt. 

Then I was biking through Portola Valley with my friend Nick (from the first part of the dream).  As we rode past what is currently the retirement community, it had been converted to a church.  The church was on private land, so you couldn't see it that well.  It had a lot of ceramic statues on the grounds.  A little further on, where there is currently a big open field, and the Windy Hill open space preserve, was a ton of ugly industry.  Piles of dirt and cement lay around in gray rain.  Dump trucks drove around to quarries.  In the background, a lyric "city of the damned" from the background vocals in green day's american idiot musical kept playing as we biked through.

Then we went to a 49ers vs SD Chargers game.  It was raining a little, but warm.

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