Sunday, December 9, 2012

A second Chili Peppers Show in Seattle?

Part 1

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were coming back to Seattle for another show.  (They just played here a few weeks ago, then went to Canada, so I dreamt they were coming back on their way back into the USA).  Again, I had suite tickets for the show.  I was with my friend Shawn.  We were driving to see the show on I-5 by 85th in my accord.  It was dark out already and there was a ton of traffic.  It turns out, there was some sort of border crossing right there.  Everyone was either getting out of their car to walk, or just waiting out the long line.  Shawn and I got out of my car to start walking to the show.  It was an exciting scene, everybody was looking forward to the concert.  As we approached the police at the border, I asked Shawn where Miles was.  He said "oh he's asleep so we just left him in the car seat."  This bothered me quite a bit, because we just left the car in a massive traffic jam in the middle of the freeway.  It wasn't even officially parked in a lot or on a street. And my son was asleep in it, unsupervised.  I immediately said that I can't go to the show, and I started making my way back to the car.  I gave my ticket to Shawn to sell.  He posted it on facebook and it sold really quickly to someone that I went to elementary school with.  When I got to the car, Rachel was there with Miles, so everything was fine.  I couldn't get my ticket back so I hung out with them in the car.

Part 2

I was at the Priory pool, playing some games with my brothers and sisters and some people that I didn't know.  The pool had been nicely set up for a swim meet and had all the flags.  People were doing synchronized diving from dual diving boards.  I started swimming across with width of the pool, holding my breath underwater.  A bunch of people started following me.  We were passing right underneath the  serious swimmers that were swimming laps, and trying not to run in to them.

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