Sunday, February 10, 2013

31 year old running in a high school cross country meet? Seems normal...

First, I dreamed that Miles all of a sudden had two full sized teeth.  One was sharp.

Then I was back at the Priory, my old high school.  It was the league championships for cross country, and the meet was being held on campus.  For some reason, I was expected to run in the meet, even though I'm 31.  But I wasn't going to run the race since I haven't been running and I'm out of shape.  As it got closer and closer to race time, I started rationalizing more and more, thinking that as an out of shape 31 year old, I could probably "wing it" and do great just based on pure adrenaline.  I was nervous because deep down I knew this wasn't true, that I was out of shape.  But the race is only 3 miles, so I thought I won't even notice by the time I get tired.  I decided to jump in and race it.  My dad told me that it was starting in a minute.  As I was rushing around trying to find a jersey, race number, etc...  the gun went off.  I thought about hopping in late but then noticed it was only the girls race.  The guys race was going to start about 15 minutes later.  I got to relax for a second.  I found a jersey but it didn't match the one the rest of the team, including my brother Johnny, were wearing.  I took a number from some other kid on the team.  I was confident that even holding back, I could run with Johnny for most of the race and probably finish the meet in the top 5.  I don't remember any race details.

We were in line at the Priory cafeteria for food.  I was starving, but the cooks were handing out very paltry portions of food.  When I got to the front of the line, I got four little scraps of ground meat in a thin tomato sauce.   It barely took up a part of one of those plastic plates that are sectioned off for you to put different types of food in.  They wouldn't give me any more, and told me to go to the back of the line.  Fortunately, I was distracted from my hungry state because Green Day was playing a concert in the school cafeteria.  They were playing "Scattered" off of the Nimrod album.  After the song but still during the concert, I talked to Billie Joe about how I like that song, but one of their new ones sounds exactly like it.

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  1. Anyone noticing how Billy Joe and Green Day are in a lot of these fantasies--I mean, dreams?