Saturday, March 16, 2013

A tear down project and Alaskan Voyage.

I was hanging out on Lake Washington Boulevard in Kirkland.  There was a construction project at a huge house, so i went over to check it out.  It turns out that the house was actually in good shape, but there was a massive scrap metal heap sticking straight out of the water about 40 feet in the air.  It was blocking the owners view of the lake, so he was having this big crane tear it down and get it out of there.  I got up closer to watch, and somehow the best seat to watch was on a boat, so I walked onto the boat and didn't really notice as it drifted out a bit.  The heap of metal was weird in that the owners house was in good shape, and he had a nice yacht.  So it seemed out of place.  It was a fairly nice day out on the water.  The project wrapped up and the boat I was on started hauling the metal away.  I didn't really notice, but before long we were out of seattle and it was cool and cloudy.  I knocked on the window from the outside to talk to the Captain, who was commandeering the vessel.  He had some freshly cooked giant shrimp that he was working on eating just sitting there on the console by the boat steering wheel.  I explained to him that I hadn't intended on being on the boat, and asked him where were we going.  He said we were hauling this metal up to Alaska.  We didn't seem to be too far on our voyage but we were definitely out of Lake Washington.  I asked him to turn around and bring me back to Kirkland, and he did so right away.

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