Sunday, April 7, 2013

A burger for old times.

Rachel and I were in San Diego for an event, like someones wedding.  We were staying at a hotel in La Jolla, though it seemed much more tropical and vacation-ish than La Jolla.  Rachel had a massage appt at the hotel so I decided to take a trip down to Ocean Beach, where I used to live.  I drove down and parked on Del Mar Ave, where I had lived for the last couple of months before moving to Seattle.  I remember thinking how sometimes it was tough to find parking, and feeling grateful I'd found a spot.  Then as I got out, I hoped I was going to see Muller's car (the legendary JETNBIU) on a street somewhere.  It would have made me feel good to see my friends car, and know that he was around town somewhere or at the apartment.  I made a point to remember where I'd parked.  Of course, it was nice and warm out, even though it was dark.  There was an ocean breeze and I could hear the waves.  I didn't have much time, since Rachel's massage was only an hour, but I decided to go to Hodad's (classic sd burger joint) for a burger.  My friend Casey is a huge Hodad's fan, and I felt bad that I hadn't even let him know I was in town.  As I got to Hodad's I pulled out my phone to call him, but then I realized that he and his wife Erin were right in front of me in line.  I was excited to see them, but nervous about spending much time eating dinner there, knowing that since I had the car Rachel wouldn't be able to come down.  I ordered a single cheeseburger with bacon, no sauce, fries, and a chocolate shake.  The workers kept repeating the order, each time with more and more of an accent, until the word fries was barely recognizable.  I thought about how the old me would have gone double patties, double bacon, but that now that just seems like too much.  I was very satisfied with my decision to order a single burger.  I know there was a lot more in the dream but that's all I remember.

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