Monday, June 24, 2013

Toppling Tower and Tattooed Toddler

I was up in Malibu, Canada with some friends from High School.  It was a long trip up there on a bus.  The ferry had the bus drive up onto it, and then it dropped the whole bus off at camp even though there were no roads there.  Overall, the camp only vaguely resembled the one that I just went to back in May.  I got there and there were a few weird things about it.  First, one of the main activities was to watch a football game on TV.  Then later it turned out that the NFL was actually playing a regular season game there.  So there was a huge field there to accommodate the game, but no stadium for spectators.  The players would all fly in for it, and the only spectators would be the 100-200 or so people that were at the camp.  I was disappointed when I found out that the match-up would be the Broncos - Redskins, but I was still excited to see Payton Manning play live.  Also, it would be a nationally televised game, so I was going to be one of the few fans to make it on TV.

I looked over to the field and a bunch of people were climbing a tall metal tower, presumably to get a good spot to watch the game.  I thought about climbing it also, but it seemed pretty unstable.  There were a lot of kids on it, and some adults.  I remember thinking that I thought Miles was on it, but I couldn't see him.  Then it started to tip over and fell to the ground.  The people that were high up on it fell hard onto their backs and heads.  Me and some of the others ran over to help.  I thought that people had to have died, but the ones I came across were seriously hurt and groaning, but still alive.  Then I saw Miles running towards me.  He was about the same size he is now, but a little bit older I guess since he could run.  He was not wearing a shirt or pants, just a diaper.  He had colorful tattoo sleeves on both arms and tattoos covering his torso.   He gave me a big hug.

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