Sunday, February 3, 2013

Running in a lightning storm

I was watching a high school basketball game at the high school I went to.  I was in the bleachers with my Dad, and my brother Johnny was playing in the game.  All the players looked really similar to me, so my dad would tell me who scored.  It was like my eyesight wasn't that good, so I was relying on his glasses.  Johnny hit a 3 pointer from the corner, and had some decent inside drives.  It was against the Priory's rival, sacred heart.  He wore #15, which is the # i wore in high school basketball.  Later Johnny was in Seattle and we were running.  The street had rolling hills, and it was cold, but i remember thinking that spring was around the corner.  We were running in a quiet, residential area with fairly large homes and not any traffic.  All of a sudden I realized that i had already hit my mileage for the day, and didn't need to keep running.  So I stopped.  Luckily, my car was parked right there, so I hopped in.  Johnny still had to finish his run.  As I was driving, huge flashes of lightning filled the sky.  I looked in my rearview mirror and could see Johnny's safety blinker steadily blinking in the distance, as i drove away.  The lightning seemed right on us so I was expecting thunder any second.  It took longer than expected.  At the next lightning flash, I looked in my rearview, and Johnny lit up completely, like he had been struck by it, kind of how it looks like in Mario Cart when you get the lightning and unleash it on the rest of the racers.  I pulled over and waited for him to run up to where I was parked.  Who came first though, were a bunch of serious racers.  I was in the middle of a relay.  The runners were really good, and about my age, but as they all pulled over, they were all complaining about various ailments - hips, back, hamstrings.

Later I was at my Grandmother Kiki's house.  It was like her house, but different in that it was 3 stories.  I was on the top story and dropped my phone.  It fell all the way through some slats down into the basement, where i could see it but couldn't fish it out.  To get it, someone had to sift through a bunch of garbage.  Billie Joe from Green Day was there, and he was really short, like 5'5".  We hung out in the basement, which looked more like a public park covered picnic area. 

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