Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just feed the dog.

I was house-sitting for some good friends of our families back home in Portola Valley.  Everything had gone well for the few weeks that I was living at their large, nice house.  But the whole time I was there, I was really busy.   Sometimes I'd forget to feed their dog.  I always thought that the last time I fed it was pretty recently, and that I'd just catch up feed it right before they got home from vacation.  When they got home the dog was barely alive.  It was a super skinny waif of an animal that they had to feed with a baby bottle to bring back to health.  They were really disappointed in me, and I couldn't believe that I had let it get to that point.  Then we were golfing in the sun in their back yard.  It was on top of a canyon, and we were just smashing golf balls down into the canyon, having a longest drive contest.  Some professional basketball or football player was there too, but I can't remember who it was.  We were trying to hit as close to some campers as possible without hitting them.

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